Inside Active Directory
A book by Sakari Kouti and Mika Seitsonen

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Wordlist (1st Edition, AD2000)

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The following list contains all the words that appear in Inside Active Directory, 1st Edition (that is, AD2000). This list can be used to check whether certain keywords actually appear in the book, prior to a purchase.

The words on this pages are not necessarily alphabetically sorted; to locate a word, it is easiest to use the 'Find on this page' feature of your browser.

Please note that due to the automated process used in the creation of this list, it doesn't contain any sensible keyphrase, such as "the global catalog."

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acecount acedemo aceflag aceflags aces acetype acetypes achieve achieved achieves acknowledges acl acldiag acls acpi acpienable acquainted acquired acquires acquisitions acronym acronyms across acspolicyname act acting action actions activate active activecell activeds activesheet activex actrl acts actual actually ad49a773 adapt adaptations adapter adapters adc add addace added adding addition additional additionally additions addmember addobject addotherwk addr address addressbookcontainer addresses addressing adds adef adequate adextension adjacent adjust adjustable adjusted adjustments adm admin admincontextmenu admindescription admindisplayname administer administered administering administration administrative administrator administrator' administratorís administratorpassword administrators administratorsí adminpak adminpropertypages admins adminsí adminsdholder admit admt ado adopted ads adsencode adserror adsfactr adsfsmo adsgetobject adsi adsi25 adsizer adslocator adspath adspaths adsras adssecurity adstype adstypes adsversion adsysteminfo advance advanced advances advantage advantages advertise advertising advisable advise advises advisory advsrv advsyscon ae5a affect affected affects afford aforementioned after afterward afterwards again against age agent agents aggregate ago agree agreed agreement ahead aims aka alarm alerter algorithm algorithms alias aliases align aligned aligning alive all allchin allocate allocated allocating allocation allow allowance allowed allowedattributes allowedattributeseffective allowedchildclasses allowedchildclasseseffective allowing allows almost alone along alphabet alphabetical alphabetically alphabets already also alt alter alterations altered alternate alternative alternatively alternatives although altogether altsecurityidentities always alvestrand am amazing ambiguous america american among amount amounts ampersand ample an analogous analogy analysis analyze analyzes analyzing anao anatomy ancestor ancient and anded announced anonymous anonymously another anotherprogram anr ansi answer answered answering answers anticipate anticipated anticipation anxious any anydomaincontroller anymore anyone anything anytime anyway anywhere ao apart api apipa apis apm apostrophe appear appeared appearing appears append appended apple applet applicable application applications applied applies appliesto appliestoclasses apply applying appmgmt appmgmtdebuglevel appmgmts appointed approach approaches appropriate approval approve approved approximate approximately approximation apps arc architectural architecture are area areas arenít argument arguments arise arises arithmetic armorís around arpa arradsaceflags arradsacetypes arradsflags arradsrights arranged arrangement arranging array arrays arrbits arrbytes arrinfo arrow arrows arrparamlist arrpropvalues arrvalue article articles as asc ascb ascending ascii asia asian aside ask asked asking asks asn asp aspect aspects asset assign assigned assigning assignment assignments assigns assist assistant assistants assisting associate associated associates associating association assume assumed assumes assumption asterisk asterisks asynchronous asynchronously at atm atomic attach attached attachments attack attacks attempt attempted attempting attempts attend attr attrib attribute attributeís attributedisplaynames attributeid attributes attributeschema attributeschemas attributesecurityguid attributesyntax attributetypes attrldapname attrs au audio audit audited auditing audits australian authenticate authenticated authenticates authenticating authentication authentications authenticode author authoritative authoritatively authorities authority authorization auto autochecked autochecks autochk autocomplete autoconfigdns autofilter automate automated automatic automatically automating automation autonomous autositecoverage autosize auxderivedfrom auxiliary auxiliaryclass availability available aware away average avg awkward avoid avoidpdconwan avoids b b0e0 b1 b1ís b1be8d72 b2 b235 b50e b54f3741 ba ba7a96bf ba7a96bfe60dd011a28500aa003049e2 back backbone backed background backing backslash backstage backup backups bad badlogincount badpasswordtime badpwdcount balancing ball bandwidth banyan bar baron bars base base64 based baseobject basic basically basics basis basketball bat batch batchmode bbde bbe6 bcd5 bcdb bd bdc bdcs be beauty became because become becomedomainmaster becomeinfrastructuremaster becomepdc becomeridmaster becomes becomeschemamaster becoming beef been before beforehand began begin beginning begins behalf behave behaves behavior behaviors behind being beings belgium bells belong belonging belongs below beneath beneficial benefit benefits berkeley besides best beta better between beyond bf967a86 bf967a9c bf967aa5 bf967aa8 bf967aba bi biased bidirectional big biggest bill billion bills bin binary binarytostring bind bindery binding binds bindview bios birthlocation bit bitfield bitfields bitmap bits bitwise bjŲrn black blackcomb blank blink block blocked blocking blocks blue bo bold bolded bolmustchange bon book bookís bookmarks bool boolean boot bootable bootdisk booted booting boots border borg born bos bossales1 bossales2 bossanao1 bossanao100 bossanao2 bossanao3 bossanao6 boston both bother bottom bought bound boundaries boundary box boxes braces brackets branch branches break breakpoint brevity bridge bridged bridgehead bridgeheadserverlistbl bridgeheadtransportlist bridges bridging brief briefly bring bringing brings bro broad broadcasts broader broken brought brow browmon brown brownfield browns browse browser browsers browses browsing browstat bruwn bsn3 bstr bt bug bugs build building builds built builtin builtindomain bullet bulletins bunch burden burning business businesses bussys but button buttons buy buys bv by bypass bypassed bypasses bypassing byte bytes c cís c0 c0000244 c2 c6dc5466 c8ac c8ae ca cab cabinet cable cache cached caches caching cacls cairo cairoís cake cal calculate calculated calculates calculating calculation calculations calculator calendar calendarserver call call call call called calling calls calm cals came campus can canít canada canadians cancel candidate candidates cannot canonical canonicalname cant can't capabilities capability capable caption capture capturing card cards care careful carefully carriage carried carries carry cas case caseexactstring caseignorestring cases casual catalog catalogs catch categories categorize categorized categorizing category cause caused causes causing cb946d109184 cbc cc ccm cd cdos cds cell cells cellular center centimeters central centralize centralized centrally century cert certain certificate certificates certification certified certifying cf cf3556517d32 cfg cgi ch ch11 chain chains chance chances change changeable changed changenotify changepassword changes changetype changing channel channels chapter chapterís chapters character characteristics characterize characterized characters chase chasing chdir cheaper check checked checker checkers checkiferror checking checks checkupgradeonly checkwshenvironment child childís children chk chkdsk chm choice choices choose chooses choosing chop chops chose chosen chronology chunk chunks circle circles circumstances circumvent cited city claim claims class class classí classdisplayname classes classs classschema classschemas classstore clause clauses clean cleaned cleaner cleanup clear cleared clearer clearing clearly clears click clicked clicking clicks client clientís clients clinton clip clips clock clocks clone clonepr cloneprincipal close closed closes closest closing cloud cloudlike cls clsid clue clumsier clumsy cluster clusters cmd cmdcons cmdtool cn cnf co code codeís coded codepage codes coding coincide coincidental collaborative collaboratively collect collection collector collects collide collision collisions colon colons color colors column columns com comí combination combinations combine combined combining comdex come comes comfortable comfortably comma command commander commands commas comment commented comments commercial commission commit commits committed committee common communicate communicates communicating communication communications communities community comp compact companies company companyís comparable compare compared compares comparing comparison compatibility compatible competing competitive compilation compile compiled compiler complement complete completed completely completeness completes completionchar complex complicate complicated comply component components compound comprehend comprehensive compress compressed compresses compression comprise compulsory computer computerís computername computeroperations computers computing computrs con concatenate concatenated concatenation concentrate concentrates concentrating concept concepts concern concerned concerns conclude concludes conclusion concrete concurrency concurrent concurrently condition conditional conditions conf conference confidence config configinfo configurable configuration configurationnamingcontext configurations configure configured configures configuring confirm confirmation conflict conflicting conflicts conform conforms confuse confused confusing confusion congested conjunction connect connected connecting connection connections connectivity connector connects cons consecutive consecutively consequence consequences consequent consequently consider considerable considerably consideration considerations considered considers consist consistency consistent consistently consisting consists console consoles consolidate const constant constantly constants construct constructed constructs consult consume consumer consumes consuming consumption contact contactís contacted contacting contacts contain contained container containers containing containment contains content contents context contextmenu contexts contiguous continent continents continually continuation continue continues continuing continuously contradictory contrast control controlaccessright controlled controller controllerís controllers controlling controlright controls convenience convenient convention conventions convergence conversant conversion convert converted converting convertsecuritydescriptortostringsecuritydescriptor conveyed cookbooks cool cooler cooperate cooperation coordinate coordinated coordinates coordination cope copied copies copy copydir copyhere copying copyright copysource corba core corner corp corporate corporation corporationís corporations correct corrected correction corrective correctly correspond corresponded correspondence corresponding corresponds corrupt corrupted corruption cost costly costs could couldnít couldnt couldn't count counted counter counterparts counters countries country countryís countrycode counts couple coupled course cover coverage covered covering covers cpl cpu cr crack crackers create createcomputer created createdialog createfolder createobject createorjoin creates createtimestamp createuser createwizardext creating creation creations creationwizard creator creators credentials credit criteria criterion crlf cross crossing crossref crossrefcontainer crowded crucial cryptic cryptographic cscript cse cses cstr csv csvde ctls ctrl cumbersome cumulative cure curly currectcontrolset currencies currency current currentcontrolset currently currenttime currentversion cursor curve custom customer customers customizable customize customizing cut cwashington cx cycle cycles cylinder cz d d0 d011 d3 d311 d6d8c25a d7de da dac dacl dacls daemon daily damage damaged dampening dap dark dash dashed dashes dat data database databasepath databases datacenter date dated dates dating day daylight days db dc dcís dc1 dc2 dc2ís dc3 dc4 dc5 dc6 dc7 dc9 dcdiag dce dcguids1 dcguids2 dcinstall dcom dcpol dcpromo dcpromoui dcs dde2c5e9 ddn de de07 dea deaís deactivate deactivated deactivating deactivation dead deal dealing deals dealt deas debug debugger debugging decade decent decently decentralization decentralize decentralized decide decided deciding decimal decimals decision decisions declare declines decrypt decrypted dedicate dedicated dedication deduce deep deepen deeper default defaulthidingvalue defaultipsitelink defaultnamingcontext defaultobjectcategory defaults defaultsecuritydescriptor defense define defined defines defining definition definitions defragmentation defunct degree del delay delays delegate delegated delegating delegation delegwiz delete deleted deleteobject deleteoldrdn deleteops deletes deleting deletion deletions deliberately delimited delimiter delimiting delta delve delving demand demilitarized demo demonstrate demonstrated demonstrates demonstrational demote demoted demoting demotion den denial denied denies denoted denotes density deny department departments depend dependent depending depends deploy deployed deploying deployment depth deref derefaliases dereferenced derive derived derivedfrom des describe described describes describing description descriptions descriptive descriptiveness descriptor descriptors deselect deselected deselecting deserves design designate designated designates designation designations designed designing designs desirable desired desires desktop desktops despair despite destination destroy destroyed detail detailed details detect detected detecting detection detects determine determined determines determining detpg develop developed developer developers developerstore developing development developments develops device devices dfs dfssvc dhcp diagnose diagnosing diagnostics diagram diagrams dial dialect dialing dialog dials dialup dictate dictates dictionary did didnít didn't differ difference differences different differential differentiate differently differing differs difficult difficulties difficulty digest digit digital digitally digits dim dimension dimensional dimmed dir direct directed direction directions directly directories directory directoryís directory's directorystring directreports directs dirty dis disable disabled disables disabling disadvantage disadvantages disagree disallow disallowing disallows disaster disastrous disconnect disconnected disconnecting discourage discouraged discourages discover discretionary discretionaryacl discuss discussed discusses discussing discussion discussions disk diskette diskettes diskpart disks dismiss disp disparate dispatch dispersed display displayed displaying displayname displaynameprintable displays displayspecifiers displayversion disruption dissecting dissimilar dist distance distant distinct distinction distinguish distinguished distinguishedname distinguishes distracting distribute distributed distributing distribution dit ditcontentrules divide divided divides division divisions dl dll dllregisterserver dlls dmd dmz dn dnreferenceupdate dns dnsadmins dnshost dnshostname dnsonnetwork dnsroot dnsupdateproxy dnwithbinary dnwithstring do doc docking docs document documentís documentation documented documenting documents dod does doesnít doesn't doing dollar domain domainís domaindns domainnetbiosname domains domainwide domen domestic dompol donít done dont doomed door doors dos dosnet dot dots dotted double doubled doubles doublespace doubt down downlevel download downloaded downloading downloads downtime downward dra draft drag dragging dramatically drastic drastically draw drawback drawbacks drawing drawn dressing drive driver drivers drives drivespace drop dropped ds dsa dsacls dsas dsastat dsclient dscorepropagationdata dse dsgetdc dsheuristics dskquota dsp dspath dssec dsservicename dssite dst dt dual due dump dumped dumping dumps duplicate duplicated duplicating duplication during duty dword dynamic dynamically dynamicsitename e ť e2 e277bd e2w e437bc1c e60d e60dd011 e844 e8bb ea each earlier early ease easier easiest easily east eastcost easy echo ecmascript economical ed edge edges edirectory edit editable edited editing edition editor editorís editors editplus edu educational effect effective effectively effects efficiency efficient efficiently effort efforts efs eight either el elaborate elapsed elect election elections electronic electrotechnical element elementary elements elevated eleven eliminate eliminating ellipses else elsewhere email emailaddress embedding emphasize emphasizes employ employee employeeid employees employeetype employer employs empty emulates emulator enable enabled enables enabling encode encoded encoder encoding encounter encourage encouraged encourages encrypt encrypted encrypting encryption encrypts end endís ended ending endlessly endpoint ends energy enforce enforces eng engine engines english enhance enhanced enhancements enhances enlarged enlarges enough enroll ensure ensures enter entered entering enterprise enterpriseís enterprisewide enters entertainingly entire entities entity entries entry enumerate enumerated enumerating enumeration environment environments eo eof equal equality equals equipped equivalence equivalent era erased erd err err errnumber erroneous error errorlevel errors es esc escape ese esent especially essence essential establish established establishes estimate estimated estimates estimation etc eternal ethernet europe european evaluate evaluated evaluates evaluating evaluation even event events eventually ever every everyday everyone everything everywhere evident evolved evt exact exactly examine examined examining example examples exceed excel excelís excellent except exception exceptions excess excessive exchange exchanged exchanging exclamation exclude excluded excluding exclusion exclusive exe executables execute executed executes executing execution exempt exhaustive exist existed existence existing exists exit exited exiting exits exotic expand expands expect expected expects expediting expensive experience experiment experimenting experiments expiration expire expired expires explain explained explaining explains explanation explanations explanatory explicit explicitly exploration explore explorer exploring export exported exporting exports expose exposes express expressed expressing expression expressions expressly extend extended extendedattributeinfo extendedcharsallowed extendedclassinfo extending extends extensible extension extensionís extensiondebuglevel extensions extensive extensively external externally extra extract extracted extracting extracts extranet extranets extraordinary extreme extremely f fís f01ff f11 f12a4b f2 f367 f3a64788 f5 f5d121f4 f6 f8 f9 face faces facilitate facilitates facsimile facsimiletelephonenumber fact facto factor factors fail failed failing fails failure failures fairly fake fall falls false familiar familiarity familiarize family famous fancier fancy faqs far farther fashion fassistants fast faster fastlane fat fat32 fault favor favored favorite favorites favors fax faxing faxnumber fazam fcb963aabbe88a4eb235cf3556517d32 fdeploy fdeploydebuglevel fdisk fear feasible feature features february fee feed feedback feel feels feet fetched few fewer ff field fields fifteenth fifth figure figures file file file file file file file filedacls filename filenames files fileservice fileserviceoperations fileshare filesyspath filesystemobject fill filled fills filter filtered filtering filters final finalized finalizing finally finance find finding findings finds findstr fine finer fingers fingertips finish finished finishes finishing finland firewall firewalls firmware first firstname fit fits five fix fixboot fixed fixes fixmbr fizmo flag flags flat flatname fledged flexibility flexible floating floppies floppy flow flowchart flows fmanagers focus focused focuses folded folder folders follow followed following follows font foot for forbidden forbids force forced forces forcing foreign foreignsecurityprincipal foreignsecurityprincipals foremost forest forests forestwide forget forgot forgotten form format formation formats formatted formatting formed former formerly forming forms formula formulas forreading forth forthcoming fortunately forward forwarded forwarder forwarders forwarding forwards found foundation foundations four fourth fpdeploy fragments frame frames framework france francisco frd free freely freeze freezes frequency frequent frequently fresh friendly friendlyname from fromentry front frs frscomputerreference frscomputerreferencebl frsmemberreference frsmemberreferencebl fsalesmen fsmo fsmoroleowner fsmos ftp fulfill fulfilled fulfilling fulfills full fullarmor fuller fullname fully function functional functionalities functionality functions funny further furthermore future g ga gain gained gaining games garbage gates gateway gather gathered gathering gave gc general generalized generalizedtime generally generate generated generates generating generation generationqualifier generator generic genuine geographical geographically geopolitical get get getdcsitename getex getgpoinfo getgpolist getinfo getinfoex getinheritedobjecttype getobject getobjectproperty getobjecttype getpropertyitem gets getschemaidguid getsecuritydescriptor getsid getstringacetype getstringbits getting ghost give given givenname gives giving global globaldev globally globe gmt go goal goals goes going gone good got gotchas goto goto gov governs governsid gp gpc gpcfilesyspath gpcfunctionalityversion gpcmachineextensionnames gpcomputer gpcs gpcuserextensionnames gpedit gpeditdebuglevel gpextensions gplink gpo gpo1 gpo2 gpo3 gpo4 gpo5 gpo6 gpo7 gpo8 gpo9 gpobject gpolink gpolmig gponame gpoptions gpos gpotool gpresult gps gpt gptext gptextdebuglevel gpts gpttmpl gracefully grammar grant granted granting grants granular graph graphical graphically grasp grayed great greater greatest greatly green greenwich grid ground group groupís grouped grouping groupings groupofuniquenames grouppolicy grouppolicycontainer groups grouptype groupwise grows growth gs gshomefolderadmins gsinfoadmins gssales gssalesadministrator gssalesuseradmins gsworkstationinstallers guaranteed guarding guards guess guest guestís guests gui guid guidbinformattostrformat guide guidelines guidgen guids gurmukhi guy h h0 h0002 h0020 h1 h10 h100 h1000 h10000 h100000 h1000000 h10000000 h1301bf h1f01ff h2 h20 h200 h20000 h20000000 h3 h4 h40 h40000 h40000000 h5 h6 h60 h7 h8 h80 h80000 h80000000 h80070000 h80071392 h8007200a h80072030 h80072035 habit hackers had hadnít hair hal half hals halt halts hand handle handled handles handling hands handy happen happened happens happy hard harder hardware harm harming has hasmasterncs hasnít hassle have havenít having hcl he head headaches headed header headers heading headquarters hear heavy height held helen hello help helped helper helpful helping helpmsg helps henri henry her herbert here hereís heterogeneous hex hexadecimal hf01ff hffff hffff0000 hhmm hidden hide hides hiding hierarchical hierarchies hierarchy high higher highest highestcommittedusn highlighting highly highpart him himself hint hints hires his historical history hkey hklm hmac hold holder holders holding holds holes home homedirectory homedrive homemade homepage homepath homephone homepostaladdress honor hood hop hope hops horizontal host hosting hostname hostoption1 hostoption2 hosts hot hour hours house how however howitworks hr htm html http https hub huge human humans hundred hundreds hung hurdle hurry hurt hyperlinks hyphen hyphens i i386 i4 i486 ia5 ia5string iads iadsaccesscontrolentry iadsaccesscontrollist iadsadsysteminfo iadsclass iadscontainer iadsdnwithbinary iadsdnwithstring iadsfileshare iadsgroup iadslargeinteger iadsmembers iadsproperty iadspropertyentry iadspropertylist iadspropertyvalue iadspropertyvalue2 iadsproperylist iadssecuritydescriptor iadsservice iadsserviceoperations iadssyntax iadstools iadsuser iana ias ibm icann ico icon iconpath icons icontextmenut id ide idea ideal ideally identical identically identification identified identifier identifiers identifies identify identifying identities identity idirectorysearch idispatch ids ie ieak iec iedkcs32 ies ietf if ignore ignoregcfailures ignores ii iii iis iiswam illegal illustrate illustrated illustrates image imagecast images imaginary imagine immediate immediately impact impersonate impersonates impersonating impersonation implement implementation implementations implemented implementing implements implication implications implicit implicitly implied implies imply import importance important imported importing impossible impractical impractically imprecise impression improperly improve improved improvement improvements in inís inability inaccessible inactive inappropriate inbound inch inches include included includes including incoming incompatible incomplete inconsistent inconvenience incorporate incorporating incorrect incorrectly increase increased increases increasing incremental incremented increments incur indent independence independent independently index indexed indexes indexing indicate indicated indicates indicating indication indirectly individual individually induces industry ineffective inefficient inetcorp inetorgperson inetres inetset inf infeasible infected infinite info information informational informs infrastructure infrastructureupdate infrequent infrequently ing inherit inheritable inheritance inherited inheritedobjecttype inheriting inherits ini initial initialize initially initials initiate initiated initiates initiating initiative inner inprocserver32 input inputbox ins insensitive insert inserting inside inspect inspecting inspection install installable installation installations installed installer installers installing installs installshield instance instances instancetype instantiate instantiated instantiation instantly instead instrrev instructed instructions instrumentation insufficient int intacetype intbitfield integer integer8 integers integrate integrated integrating integration integrity intel intelligence intelligent intellimirror intend intended intensive intentionally inter interact interaction interactive interactively interactivity interchange interchangeable interchangeably interconnection interdomain interest interested interesting interestingly interface interfaces interforest intermediate internal internally international internationalisdnnumber internet internetís interoperability interpret interpretation interpretations interpreted interpreter interpreting interprets interrcode interrupt interrupted intersite intersitetopologygenerator intersitetransport intertree interval intervals intgap intheightininches intheightinmillimeters intimidating intmyvar into intradomain intranet intranets intransitive intrasite intresult intrinsic introduce introduced introduces introducing introduction introductory intruder intruderís intuition intuitive intuserflags intyesno inventory invisible invocation invocationid invoke invokes involve involved involves involving ip iparam ipc ipconfig ipphone ipsec irq irqs irreversible is isaccountlocked isam isdefunct isdeleted isdn isephemeral isglobalcatalogready ishellpropsheetext isi island islands islastdcindomain ism ismember ismemberofpartialattributeset ismserv isnít iso isolate isolated isolation isp isprivilegeholder issinglevalued issue issued issues issuing issynchronized istg istgs isvs it itís italics item items its itself itu iunknown iurs iusr iv iwam j jac jack jackís jackb jackbís january java javascript jb jet jill jillís jim job jobs john join joined joining joins joint jointly journal journey jpg jr js jscript junk just justify k kbps kcc kccs kdc kdcís keep keeping keeps kept kerberos key keyboard keyname keynote keys keystrokes keyword keywords kick kicks kill killing kilobits kilobyte kilobytes kind kinds kit kits know knowing knowledge knowledgebase known knows koala kouti krbtgt l lab label labeled labels laborious laborsaving lack laid lan language languages lanman lanmanserver lans laptop large largecust largeinteger larger largest last lastfailedlogin lastlogin lastlogoff lastlogon lastname late latency later latest latter launch launched launches launching lay layer layout lazy lbound lc ldap ldapís ldapdisplayname ldapname ldapservicename ldaptype ldapv1 ldapv2 ldapv3 ldf ldif ldifde ldp le lead leads leaf leafhood leafs learn learned learning learns leased least leave leaves leaving led left leftmost legacy legacyexchangedn legislation legitimate legitimately len lenb length lengthening less lessen let letís lets letter letters letting level levels leverage lgpo library license licensed licenses licensing licensingsitesettings life lifetime light lightened lighter lightly lightweight like likelihood likely likewise limit limitation limitations limited limits line linear linefeed lines link linkís linked linkid linking links linux linuxrealm list listed listing lists listsvc listusers literally little live lives lls llsmap llsuser lmaccess lo load loaded loading loadpol loads local localadmin locale localeid localgroup locality locally localsystem locate located locates locating location locations locator lock locked locking lockout lockouts lockouttime locks lockworkstation log logged logging logic logical logically login loginhours logins loginscript loginworkstations logo logoff logon logoncount logonhours logons logonworkstation logpath logs lon london long longer longest lonsanao1 lonsanao10 look looked looking looks lookup lookups loop loopback looped looping loops loose loosely lose loses losing loss lost lostandfound lostandfoundconfig lot lottery lotus low love lower lowercase lowermost lowest lowpart lpd ls lsa lsass lscolorprint lsdou lsn1 lssapuse m machine machineís machineaccountquota machinename machines macintosh macro macros made magazine magically magnifier mail mailrecipient main mainly maintain maintained maintaining maintains maintenance major majority make makeboot makelocalsource maker makes making malicious manage manageability managed managedby managedobjects management manager managerís managerial managers managing mandated mandates mandatory mandatoryproperties manipulate manipulated manipulates manipulation manner manual manually manufacturerís manufacturers many map mapguidtomatchingname mapi mapiid mapped mapping mappings maps margin margins mark marked marketing marks markup mask mass master mastered masteredby masters match matches matching mathematical mathematically matter matters maturing max maximize maximum maximums maxrange maxstorage maxusercount may maybe maycontain mb mbr md md5 me mean meaning meaningful meaningless meanings means meant measured measures mechanics mechanism mechanisms media medium meet meets megabytes member memberof members membership memberships memory mention mentioned mentioning mentions menu menus merely merge merged mergers merges merging mesh mess message messages messaging messy met meta metadata metadirectory method methodís methods mfg mgmt mhsoraddress michigan microcomputers microhouse microsecond microsoft microsoftís mid midb middle middlename midnight might migrate migrated migrating migration migrator mil milestones millimeters million millions milliseconds mime mimic min mind mini minimal minimize minimized minimizing minimum minimums minor minrange minus minute minutes minutesí mirror mirroring miscellaneous miscellaneous miscellaneous misleading mismatch missed missing mission mistake mistype mit mix mixed mixer mkdir mktg mmc mms mobile mod moddn mode model models modem modems modes modification modifications modified modifiedcount modifies modify modifying modifyldap modifytimestamp module modules moment monday monetary money monitor monitored monitoring month months more morepossibleerrors moreuserlist morning most mostly motherboard motivation mount mouse move move move move move moved movefirst movehere moves movetree moving mps ms msc msdcs msdn msdss msgbox msi msmqconfiguration msmqdigests msmqownerid msmqqueue msmqsigncertificates msn msnpallowdialin msnpcallingstationid msradiuscallbacknumber msradiusframedipaddress msradiusframedroute msradiusservicetype much multi multicasts multicolumn multidomain multiforest multilang multilanguage multimaster multimedia multinational multipage multipartition multiple multiplied multiply multiprocessor multisite multivalue multivalued music must mustcontain mutual my myext myextmod myggroup myinput myproduct myscript myserver mysterious mytests n name named named namely nameprefix names names names namespace namespaceís namespaces namesuffix nametranslate naming namingcontexts namingproperties narrator narrow narrower narrows nasty nat nations native natural naturally nature natures naval navigate navigating navigation navy nc ncname ncs nds near neared nearer nearest nearly necessarily necessary necessitate need needed needing needless needlessly needs negates negative negotiate neighborhood neighboring neighbors neither nest nested nesting net netbios netbootguid netbootmachinefilepath netbootscpbl netbootserver netdiag netdir netdom netds netiq netlogon netmeeting netmon netreach netscape netware network networkís networking networks new newdomaindnsname never newer nevertheless newest newly newness newrdn news newsgroups newsuperior next nice nicely night nine nineteen nltest nntp no nobody node nologo nominate non nonautomation noncompressed nonconstructed noncontiguous nondefault nondefunct none nonempty nonexistent nonindexed noninformational noninheritable noninherited nonlinear nonlinearity nonlocal nonreasons nonredundant nonreplicated nonreplicating nonsecuritymember nonsecuritymemberbl nontransitive nonunique nonzero nor noreboot normal normally nortel north northern norton nos nositerestriction not notable notably notation note noted notepad notes nothing notice noticed notices notification notifications notified notifies notify notimpl notreqd now nowadays novell novellís novels nslookup nt ntís nt40 ntbtlog ntconfig ntdetect ntds ntdsa ntdsapi ntdsconnection ntdsdsa ntdssitesettings ntdsutil ntfrssubscriptions ntfs ntldr ntlm ntlmv2 ntrights ntsecuritydescriptor ntuser null nullifies num number numbers numerate numeric numericstring numerous nwadmin nwcompat o oa obj objace objace1 objace1 objace1 objace1 objace2 objace2 objace2 objace3 objace3 objace3 objace4 objace4 objadobject objadssec objarguments objattr objattribute objchild objclass objcommand objcomputer objcomputerscontainer objconnection objcontainer objdacl objdc objdom objdse objdse object objectís objectcategory objectclass objectclasscategory objectclasses objectdn objectguid objectguids objectid objectoptions objectrdn objects objectsí objectsecuritydescriptor objectsid objecttype objecttypes objexcel objextrights objfile objfileshare objfs objgroup objinfra objlargeint objldap objnewuser objntds objou objpartitions objpointerobj objpropentry objpropvalue objrecordset objregexp objrid objschema objschemaobj objsecdesc objsourcecontainer objsysteminfo objtargetcontainer objuser observatory obsolete obtain obtained obtaining obtains obvious obviously occasionally occasions occur occurred occurrence occurs ocentry ocgen ochannelsales octet octets octetstring october ocx odd odirectsales of off offer offered offers office officelocations officer offices official offline offs offset ofinance often oid oidgen oids ok old older ole oleautodatatype omarketing omdc omdcís omdcs omission omit omits omitted omobjectclass omsyntax on once one onelevel ones online only onscreen onto open opendsobject opened opengroup opening opens opentextfile operate operated operates operating operatingsystem operatingsystemservicepack operatingsystemversion operation operational operations operator operators opinion opportunity opposite opt opted optimal optimization optimize optimized optimizing option optional optionalproperties options or or oracle order ordered ordering ordinary org organization organizationís organizational organizationalperson organizationalunit organizations organize organized organizing oriented origin original originally originate originated originating orname orphan os oscfilter osi other otherfacsimiletelephonenumber otherhomephone otheripphone otherloginworkstations othermailbox othermobile othername otherpager others othertelephone otherwellknownobject otherwellknownobjects otherwise ou ouís ou1 our ous ousales out outbound outboundsecurechannels outcome outdated outgoing outofprocesspool output outputs outside outsiders over overhead overlap overloading overridden override overrides overriding overview overwrite overwritten own owned owner owners ownership owns p pace pack package packageregistration packages packed packet packets packs page pageís paged pagefile pager pages paging pair pairs pak pane panel panes paper par paragraph paragraphs parallel parameter parameters parent parentís parentcontainerdn parentdn parentguid parentheses parents part partial partialattributedeletionlist partialattributeset partially participate participates particular particularly partition partitionís partitioning partitionmagic partitions partly partner partners partnership partnerships parts party pass passed passes passfilt passing passprop passwd password passwordage passwordchg passwordexpirationdate passwordlastchanged passwordreq passwordrequired passwords past paste pasted patched patches patching path pathname paths pattern pause paused pay pays pc pc17 pc25 pc37 pc38 pcmcia pd pdc peak peaks peculiar peculiarity peek peklist penalty pending pentium people per percent percentage perfect perfectly perform performance performed performing performs perhaps period periodic periodically periods peripheral permanent permanently permission permissions permissive permissons permit permitted permutation permutations persistent person personís personal personally personaltitle personnel perspective pervasive pfs0l4o7 phantom phantoms phase phases philosophies phone phrase physical physicaldeliveryofficename physically pick picked picking picks picture pictures piece pieces pin ping pingcomputer pings pipe pki pkicertificatetemplate pl place placed placeholder placeholders placement places placing plain plan planned planning platform play player playing plays please plentiful plenty plug plus pm pnp po point pointer pointer pointing points pol policies policy policyís polished polishing pool pools poorly pop pops popular populate popup port ported portion ports position positioning posix possibilities possibility possible possibleerrors possibleinferiors possiblesuperiors possibly posssuperiors post postal postaladdress postaladdresses postalcode postalcodes postofficebox postpone postponed potential pound power powered powerful powerquest practical practically practice practices pray pre preauthentication precautions preceded precedence preceding precise precreate precreates predecessor predefined prefer preferable preferably preference preferences preferred preferreddeliverymethod preferredou prefix prefixes prefixmap preliminary premises preparation prepare prepared prepares preparing prepending prerelease presence present presentation presentationaddress presentations presented presenting presents preserve preserved press pressed pressing pretending pretty prev prevail prevails prevent prevented preventing prevents preview previous previously primalscript primarily primary primarygroupid primarygrouptoken primaryinternationalisdnnumber primarytelexnumber principal principals principle principles print printable printablestring printed printer printers printjob printjoboperations printqueue printqueueoperations printstaplingsupported prior priorities priority private privilege privileged privilegeholder privileges pro probably problem problematic problems procedural procedure procedures proceed proceeds process processed processes processgpos processing processor produce produces producing product production products prof professional professor profile profilepath profiles program programmatic programmatically programmed programmer programmers programming programs progress prohibit prohibiting project promised promote promoted promoting promotion prompt prompted prompts prone pronounced prop propagate propagates propagation proper properly properties property propertyís propertyentry propertylist propertyvalue propertyvalue2 proportional proposed pros protect protected protection protective protects protocol protocols prove proved proves provide provided provider providers provides providing province proximity proxy proxyaddresses ps pss pstruh pt pu public publish published publisher publishers publishes publishing pull pulling pulls punctuation purchase purchased pure purely purpose purposes push pushed put putex putinfo puts putting pwdlastset q216498 q222444 q239924 q244368 q259576 q263166 q263991 q271876 q279682 qgrep qjozmjpgq0i5 qmrdtnju qos qualifier qualify queried 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