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You can buy either a per-forest copy or (later) a per-consultant copy of ADReport.

License A Per-Forest Copy A Per-Consultant Copy
Which Forest Works only in one specified forest. If the forest name does not match the license, ADReport will run in evaluation mode, so there is a five-line limit for each report except for the Object Counts report. Works in any forest
Who Is Allowed to Use Anyone Only the individual personally to whom the copy is licensed for
Price USD 890/EUR 790/GBP 550 USD 1290/EUR 1090/GBP 750
Order Click here to order your copy

Click here to order your copy


The prices correspond to a few hours of consultancy work.

Customized Version

If you need a customized version of ADReport, please contact Sakari Kouti (firstname, lastname at fcsovelto, fi) to check if this is possible. The most typical example of customization is adding some attributes to a report.

Order Process

The ordering process is the following:

  1. Place your order and make the payment at (by clicking the link above.
  2. The order form requires you to enter the forest or consultant name, and your e-mail address.
  3. Receive your licensed copy by e-mail.

Refunds Policy

No refunds will be issued for ADReport. Please use the evaluation version to determine if ADReport meets your needs prior to placing an order.

With the evaluation version, even though the writing into the html files stops after five lines, ADReport still reads everything. So no error with the evaluation version means no error with the licensed version.


Last modified 12/18/2007, Sakari Kouti