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Download & Install This page contains


Click here to download an evaluation version (version 1.20).

It is fully functional, if the forest name is test.local. Otherwise, there is a five-line limit for each report (except for the report of object counts per domain).


There are two methods for the installation:

  1. Run the accompanied setup.exe. This method requires you to have admin privileges for the local machine.
  2. Extract the files in the cab file to a single folder. Then launch ADReport_ver_for_xxx.exe. This method should not require admin privileges for the local machine.

Error Handling Policy

ADReport handles many error types and different data in various Active Directories, so it is not likely that you would get any errors.

It is possible, however, that your Active Directory contains some data that makes ADReport to crash. Two examples of situations that have made an earlier version of ADReport to crash are:

  • ADO & ADSI handle most special characters in object names automatically. They don't, however, handle a slash (/) so a slash in an OU name made ADReport crash, until special handling for this was added.
  • The rightsGuids of extended rights and property sets should always be unique. However, the ForestPrep of a beta version of Windows Vista adds some non-unique rightsGuids. The current version of ADReport tolerates this.

In summary, if ADReport reads some data from your AD that it cannot handle, it is better to let it crash, than try to keep going and produce possibly erraneous information.

If you want to find out if your AD contains something that makes ADReport crash, simply run the evaluation version and produce all the reports. Even though the writing into the html files stops after five lines, ADReport still reads everything. So no crash with the evaluation version means no crash with the licensed version.

Should ADReport crash in your environment, please see the Troubleshooting section.



Last modified 07/13/2007, Sakari Kouti