An ADReport Sample Report - Connection Objects

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DomainDC#DCSitePr BrHeadGCCOCO DescrFrom DCFrom SiteEnabledGenerated Connection Obj Created (UTC) Obj Last Modified (UTC)* Options (hex) Opt Bit 1 (Auto/Manual)**Opt Bit 2 (Reciprocal Replication)** Opt Bit 3 (No ChNotif Defaults)**Opt Bit 4 (Change Notifications)** Opt Bit 5 (No Compression)**
sanao.com1SANAODC1BostonYesCN=bd723a32-f88c-404b-8091-990b1b205089 SANAODC2BostonTrue1/2/2006 10:14:21 AM 9/2/2006 2:03:50 PM1Automatic     
sanao.com2SANAODC2BostonYesCN=a8fd1ff5-55f9-4ace-b1af-03ac963a28d3 SANAODC1BostonTrue1/2/2006 10:21:38 AM 1/2/2006 10:21:56 AM1Automatic     
sanao.com2SANAODC2BostonYesCN=b84db339-ffcd-4678-bd65-8f445048378c SANAODC3LondonTrue4/26/2006 7:40:13 AM 9/2/2006 1:51:14 PM1Automatic     
sanao.com3SANAODC3LondonYesCN=0d4a2188-653d-42e9-8d36-a3185235b865 SANAODC2BostonTrue

9/10/2006 11:32:01 AM

10/31/2006 1:34:21 PM5Automatic Yes   

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2. In Excel's Data menu, select Filter => AutoFilter.
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4. Click cell B2.
5. In Excel's Window menu, select Freeze Panes.

* Note

The following attribute is not replicated from one DC toanother: whenChanged (i.e., Obj Last Modified).
Therefore, its value varies depending on from which DC it is read.

** Option Bits

Bit 1Connection object created automatically by the KCC or manually by the admin
Bit 2Use reciprocal replication
Bit 3Do not use defaults when determining whether change notifications should be used
Bit 4Use change notifications
Bit 5Disable intersite compression (the bit is meaningless for intrasite replication)

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