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Site#SiteDescriptionLocation Site Obj Created (UTC)Site Settings Obj Created (UTC)Site Obj Last Modified (UTC)*Site Settings Obj Last Modified (UTC)*Options (hex)Opt Bit 1*Opt Bit 2*Opt Bit 3*Opt Bit 4*Opt Bit 5*Opt Bit 6 (Univ Group Membership Caching)*Opt Bit 7*Opt Bit 8*Opt Bit 9*Opt Bit 10*Opt Bit 11*Cache Source SiteQuery PolISTGNon-Def Schedule
1Default-First-Site-Name 3/17/2001 7:10:19 PM3/17/2001 7:10:19 PM3/17/2001 7:10:19 PM9/8/2001 8:53:16 AM             Yes
2Boston9/8/2001 9:00:06 AM9/8/2001 9:00:06 AM9/8/2006 7:31:45 PM9/10/2006 9:37:53 AM             BOSDC1
3London3/5/2005 11:18:52 AM3/5/2005 11:18:53 AM9/8/2006 7:31:55 PM 4/26/2006 7:45:57 AM             LONDC1
4SanFrancisco3/20/2005 10:04:47 AM3/20/2005 10:04:48 AM9/8/2006 3:11:51 PM 1/2/2006 11:15:05 AM20     Yes      SFRDC1

To better examine the results:
1. Right-click the table in IE and select Export to Microsoft Excel.
2. In Excel's Data menu, select Filter => AutoFilter.
3. Use the drop-down lists on the header row to see the selection of values
    or to filter rows.
4. Click cell B2.
5. In Excel's Window menu, select Freeze Panes.

* Note

The following attribute is not replicated from one DC toanother: whenChanged (i.e., the two Obj Last Modified columns).
Therefore, its value varies depending on from which DC it is read.

** Option Bits

Bit 1Disable the automatic intrasite topology generation by the KCCs
Bit 2Disable the cleanup of outdated replication connections
Bit 3Disable the automatic generation of shortcut connections in the site’s replication ring; consequently, the three-hop maximum is not maintained
Bit 4Disable the detection of failed replication links and the generation of temporary bypass connections
Bit 5Disable the automatic intersite topology generation by the ISTG
Bit 6Universal Group Membership Caching
Bit 7Force the KCCs to operate in Windows Server 2003 behavior mode
Bit 8Force the KCCs to use the Windows 2000 ISTG election algorithm
Bit 9Prevent the KCCs from randomly picking a bridgehead server at connection-creation time
Bit 10Allow the KCCs to use replication schedule hashing, which causes the replication to occur at different times with different partner sites
Bit 11Enable creation of static fail-over connections, which leads to redundant topology

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