An ADReport Sample Report - Users with 20 Columns

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User#Object ClassDomainPre-Win2000 Logon NameName (cn)OUFirst NameLast NameDisplay NameInitialsUser Logon NameE-mailDescriptionPwd Never ExpiresDisabledPwd Not ReqObj Created (UTC)Obj Last Modified (UTC)*DNPwd Age (days)Approx Days Since Last LogonExch Mail
1usersanao.comAdministratorAdministratorCN=UsersAdministratorAdministrator@sanao.comBuilt-in account for administering the computer/domainYes  3/7/2004 8:43:06 PM10/30/2006 8:18:42 PMCN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=sanao,DC=com9692Mailbox-enabled
2usersanao.comGuestGuestCN=UsersBuilt-in account for guest access to the computer/domainYesYesYes3/7/2004 8:43:06 PM9/22/2005 10:28:12 AMCN=Guest,CN=Users,DC=sanao,DC=com966 No
3usersanao.comSUPPORT_388945a0SUPPORT_388945a0CN=UsersCN=Microsoft Corporation,L=Redmond,S=Washington,C=USThis is a vendor's account for the Help and Support ServiceYesYes 3/7/2004 8:43:06 PM3/7/2004 8:43:06 PMCN=SUPPORT_388945a0,CN=Users,DC=sanao,DC=com1084 No
4usersanao.comkrbtgtkrbtgtCN=UsersKey Distribution Center Service Account Yes 3/7/2004 8:56:00 PM9/22/2005 7:21:34 PMCN=krbtgt,CN=Users,DC=sanao,DC=com969 No
5usersanao.comJackBBrown JackOU=DemoJackBrownJack   3/9/2004 2:15:01 PM6/7/2006 7:34:03 AMCN=Brown Jack,OU=Demo,DC=sanao,DC=com148148Mail-enabled
6usersanao.comWillWWilliams WillOU=DemoWillWilliamsWill   3/9/2004 2:15:02 PM9/30/2006 7:33:52 AMCN=Williams Will,OU=Demo,DC=sanao,DC=com967 Mailbox-enabled
7inetOrgPersonsanao.comJillJJackson JillOU=DemoJillJacksonJill   3/9/2004 2:15:02 PM9/22/2005 7:34:38 PMCN=Jackson Jill,OU=Demo,DC=sanao,DC=com967 Mailbox-enabled
8usersanao.comIUSR_SOVELTO113IUSR_SOVELTO113CN=UsersInternet Guest AccountBuilt-in account for anonymous access to Internet Information ServicesYes Yes3/10/2004 9:28:39 AM10/24/2006 2:42:30 PMCN=IUSR_SOVELTO113,CN=Users,DC=sanao,DC=com9668No
9usersanao.comIWAM_SOVELTO113IWAM_SOVELTO113CN=UsersLaunch IIS Process AccountBuilt-in account for Internet Information Services to start out of process applicationsYes Yes3/10/2004 9:28:56 AM3/10/2004 9:29:54 AMCN=IWAM_SOVELTO113,CN=Users,DC=sanao,DC=com966 No
10usersanao.comServerOpServerOpOU=DemoServerOpServerOpServerOp@sanao.comYes  3/21/2004 7:00:05 PM9/22/2005 7:21:33 PM CN=ServerOp,OU=Demo,DC=sanao,DC=com955955No
11usersanao.comBFDF5100-26F6-423A-9SystemMailbox{BFDF5100-26F6-423A-946F-F0B37F5FA8FA}CN=Microsoft Exchange System ObjectsSystemMailbox{BFDF5100-26F6-423A-946F-F0B37F5FA8FA}SystemMailbox{BFDF5100-26F6-423A-946F-F0B37F5FA8FA} Yes 9/22/2005 7:06:25 PM9/22/2005 7:07:03 PM CN=SystemMailbox{BFDF5100-26F6-423A-946F-F0B37F5FA8FA},CN=Microsoft Exchange System Objects,DC=sanao,DC=com405 Mailbox-enabled

To better examine the results:
1. Right-click the table in IE and select Export to Microsoft Excel.
2. In Excel's Data menu, select Filter => AutoFilter.
3. Use the drop-down lists on the header row to see the selection of values
    or to filter rows.
4. Click cell B2.
5. In Excel's Window menu, select Freeze Panes.


If Microsoft Exchange is present, the report indicates whether each user is mailbox-enabled or mail-enabled.

* Note

The following attribute is not replicated from one DC toanother: whenChanged (i.e., Obj Last Modified).
Therefore, its value varies depending on from which DC it is read.

** The later of Last Logon and Last Logon Time Stamp (UTC) is used to calculate the
Approx Days Since Last Logon

Color Legend

The account is disabled
A password is not required
The account is disabled and a password is not required
The account is administrative and it is protected by AdminSDHolder permissions
The account is for a trusting domain (not a real user account)

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