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Version History

Version 1.21

  • Bug fix: If there are users, groups, contacts, or computer objects in domain root (not in any OU), the corresponding report no longer fails with the error error 5 (invalid procedure call or argument).

Version 1.20

  • Bug fix: The reports for Users, Domain Controllers, and Member Servers and Workstations used to fail sometimes with an error 13 (type mismatch), especially in Windows 2000 domains or Windows Server 2003 domains not yet in Windows Server 2003 domain functional level. This should no longer happen.
  • Bug fix: The report for Domain Controllers did not always show the domain contoller's site or GUIDs, or whether it is a GC server, especially in Windows 2000 domains. Now this information should appear.
  • Bug fix: The report for Connection Objects did not always show the From DC and From Site information, especially in Windows 2000 domains. Now this information should appear.
  • Bug fix: Whether a connection object uses change notifications in replication is actually specified in bit 4 (value 8) instead of bit 3 (value 4). ADReport now correctly displays this.
  • Feature: Added the reports for Extended Rights and Property Sets.
  • Feature: Added two option bit columns in the report for Connection Objects.
  • Feature: Added columns "Obj Created (UTC)" and "Obj Last Modified (UTC)" to the reports for Sites, Sites with Subnets, Site Links, Site Links with Sites, Connection Objects, and Domain Controllers.
  • Feature: Added columns "Inbound Repl Disabled" and "Outbound Repl Disabled" to the report for Domain Controllers.
  • Feature: Added column "Mbr Disabled" to the report for Groups with Members.
  • Cosmetic: The reports for Site Links, Site Links with Sites, and Connection Objects now display in the column headers of the option bits that which bit each piece of information comes from.
  • Cosmetic: To clarify, added "(UTC)" to the column headers of "Obj Created" and "Obj Last Modified".

Version 1.18

  • Bug fix: If a domain cannot be contacted, this no longer causes Domain Controller and Connection Object reports to fail.
  • Bug fix: The two Contact reports and the User report with 20 attributes now retrieve the Description field of a user the same way as in the User report with 100 attributes. This makes ADReport more tolerant to some special description texts.
  • Feature: The two User reports now show, if the user account is not a real user account, but an inter-domain trust account. There is both a column and color (dim green) for this.
  • Cosmetic: The check box "Verbose for debug" was changed to "Verbose progress window for debug" to be more descriptive.

Version 1.17

  • Bug fix: The Groups with Members report now lists cached group members only when Verbose for debug is selected. Version 1.16 listed them always.

Version 1.16

  • Bug fix: A slash (/) in a DN no longer causes a report to fail.
  • Feature: Added the "Verbose for debug" checkbox. When checked, ADReport writes more detailed information in the progress window, to assist in possible debugging.
  • Feature: The progress window output now goes also in a progress log file.

Version 1.15

  • Feature: RightsGuids should always be unique. However, the ForestPrep of the beta version of Windows Vista creates some non-unique rightsGuids, so ADReport prepares for this.


Known Shortcomings

The current version 1.20 has the following known shortcomings:

  • Japanese characters in users description attribute may cause ADReport to crash. This may apply also to some other attributes and some other Asian character sets.


Should ADReport crash in your environment, please note the following:

  • Each report is produced quite separately, so if one report crashes, the others probably work (if you uncheck the report that caused the problem).
  • You can check Verbose progress window for debug. This causes ADReport to list in the progress window and progress log file each object it processes. After the crash, the last line in the progress log file shows the object that caused the crash. It is usually easy to see, what is different and special in that object.
  • After you notify Sakari Kouti about this, he'll fix the problem, if reasonably possible (at his discretion).

Contact the Author

You can contact Sakari Kouti by e-mail firstname, lastname at fcsovelto, fi



Last modified 10/12/2007, Sakari Kouti