Inside Active Directory
A book by Sakari Kouti and Mika Seitsonen

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Both authors of Inside Active Directory are Finnish. Even though Finland is a small country, you may be familiar with something that came from hereófor example, the Linux operating system, Nokia cell phones, and the IRC protocol for Internet chatting.

Sakari Kouti

Sakari Kouti, M.Sc. (Tech), is a senior trainer and consultant for FC Sovelto, Finland. His articles have appeared in Windows NT Magazine (now Windows & .NET Magazine). Sakari was one of the first MCSEs in the world back in 1994.

Sakari has worked with microcomputers for 22 years and with PC networks for 18 years. The last 15 years he has instructed courses on network operating systems, such as LAN Manager, NetWare, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003. Because he has always enjoyed learning new technologies thoroughly and explaining and teaching them to others, it was quite natural for Sakari to write first technical articles and later this book. While still a student back in the 1980s, Sakari worked part-time as a programmer, which helped him write the scripting chapters in this book.

Mika Seitsonen

Mika Seitsonen is also a senior trainer for FC Sovelto. His network experience spans over ten years and he was one of the first Windows 2000 MCSEs in the world. Mika has written articles for a Finnish computer magazine and holds Master of Science degrees from University of Nottingham, U.K., and Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland.

After spending 5 years in implementing networks, Mika became a network trainer. Consequently, he shares Sakariís background in continually learning new technologies and passing that information on to others.

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